Special Committee Chair

SMS Special Committee on Inclusiveness

All SMS Members:

Last October the officers of the Strategic Management Society issued a call for members who were interested in volunteering for a special committee looking at inclusiveness in the SMS.  In April I was asked by SMS President Russ Coff to chair this effort.  Over the last few weeks we have been working to develop an approach that not only will provide the SMS Board with a good audit of where the Society stands with respect to inclusiveness in its activities, but will also make recommendations as to how the Society can proactively address issues of inclusiveness going forward.

The above two goals will be the focus of this committee.  So far we have indications from enough volunteers to make the project viable and the load bearable but we still invite additional contributors. Working in sub-committees, we will develop the information for both our reports and recommendations. Participation and input from all members will be part of both the audit report and the final action recommendations.

I anticipate that there will be some meaningful time contributions needed over the next six months by those who would like to actively participate.  The first phase, which will include auditing the SMS, other professional academic organizations, and the larger academic environment will start as soon as the end of May.  Its work will largely be done over the summer months.  This audit report should be completed by the middle of August and work on the action recommendations will begin immediately.

As this timetable suggests, the Society is very interested in addressing identified inclusiveness concerns with action.  The contributions of members are key to turning this desire into reality.  If you are willing and available to contribute to this effort, please send an email to the SMS office at as soon as possible.


William Bogner JD, PhD
Special Committee Chair

Dear SMS Members -

Our recent SMS Annual meeting in Berlin was very successful on many fronts, and our thanks go to those who organized and worked so hard to make it rewarding for the attendees.

The Monday night “cabaret” entertainment, however, provoked a mix of strong and thoughtful reactions.   Those reactions have inspired conversations that have been insightful and welcomed by the Executive Committee of SMS’ Board of Directors.

Without question, on behalf of the SMS we indeed apologize to those that took affront at some of the content in the show and to those that felt that parts of the show were not appropriate for a professional organization.  

Beyond the apology, however, we also recognize the need to address the underlying issues within our organization that have by some accounts had inadequate focus.   That issue is gender- and minority-related inclusiveness at SMS.   Arguably, we have seen progress over the years, but more needs to be achieved. In this regard, therefore, we will be setting up a committee within the next ninety days to address this issue.   This committee will be charged with evaluating in depth where SMS has made headway and where we failed to make progress on this front. It will identify programs that can be implemented to proactively eliminate such deficiencies. 

As your elected Officers, it is our commitment to react positively to our membership and their needs and criticisms.   We thank those that have stepped forward to communicate and share their ideas.   Our aspiration is for SMS to be an organization of the highest caliber where all participants and their ideas are respected and welcomed.   If you see us failing to meet your expectations, please hold us accountable and please get involved.


Very Sincerely,

Marjorie Lyles, President

Russ Coff, President-Elect

Bob Hoskisson, Past President

Tomi Laamanen, Treasurer

Niko Pelka, Executive Director