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Innovation Ecosystems and Sustainable Mobility

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


picture of Daniel Engler
Daniel Engler
Illinois State University
picture of John Paul MacDuffie
John Paul MacDuffie
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Anja Schulze
Anja Schulze
University of Zurich
picture of Florian A. Taeube
Florian A. Taeube
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

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The focus of this extension is on the future of technology and sustainability in the mobility sector. Driven by shifts in consumer demand, technology forcing by legislative bodies, and broader ecological concerns, traditional modes of transportation (i.e., private automobiles powered by internal combustion engines) are increasingly facing substitution by alternatives such as private automobiles powered by electric motors, car-sharing, ride-sharing, app-based transportation networks, mass transportation, and multi-mode travel. Even mass transportation options such as buses and trains are at risk of substitution, as consumers find that car sharing is a viable alternative.

Research in Strategic Management on Innovation Ecosystems provides a natural lens to understand how public and private entities will respond to incentives to innovate, and who will benefit from disruptions in the sector.

This extension brings together academics conducting Strategy research in the mobility and transportation sectors with practitioners in those sectors Our intent is to promote interactive discussion between industry participants and researchers, with the goal of furthering Strategy research and collaboration with practitioners in the automotive and transportation sectors.

We will also be hosting a poster session highlighting management research in the automotive/transportation/mobility sectors. One-page abstracts of proposed posters should be sent to Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.

Berlin Extension Registration

Tentative Schedule


9:00 AM          Coffee, welcome and introductions

9:30 AM          Interactive Panel 1: Technological Change and Mobility Ecosystems – What will the future look like?

11:00 AM        Coffee break

11:15 AM         Interactive Panel 2: Competition, Collaboration and Coordination – Implications of technological change for the creation and distribution of value

12:45 PM         Lunch / Poster Session

2:00 PM           Breakout Activity 1: Segway Tour of EUREF-Campus

                       Breakout Activity 2: Office visits with Innoz, Hubject and eMO

4:45 PM          Coffee break

5:00 PM           Interactive Panel 3: Ecosystems, Platforms and Architectures – Possibilities for academics and practitioners to collaborate and learn from each other 

6:30 PM           Wrap-up, networking and cocktail hour in Gasometer dome


picture of Carole Donada
Carole Donada
ESSEC Business School
picture of Michael G. Jacobides
Michael G. Jacobides
London Business School
picture of Nikolaus Lang
Nikolaus Lang
Boston Consulting Group
picture of John Paul MacDuffie
John Paul MacDuffie
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Detlev Mohr
Detlev Mohr
McKinsey & Company
picture of Matthias Patz
Matthias Patz
DB Systel GmbH
picture of Martin Petschnig
Martin Petschnig
Hubject GmbH
picture of Christoph Stürmer
Christoph Stürmer
PwC Autofacts
picture of Francesco Zirpoli
Francesco Zirpoli
University Ca' Foscari Venezia


EUREF Campus, Berlin

EUREF Campus is a historic industrial site that was turned into an innovation campus dedicated to a low-carbon future. The campus houses startups related to mobility and sustainability, as well as an extension of the Technical University of Berlin.

EUREF Campus Events Dome

Pino Restaurant

EUREF Campus