SRF Vision

The SRF programs are motivated by a strong belief that the field of strategic management will benefit from an entity devoted to supporting research that advances its concepts, theory, and practice. The purpose of the SRF programs are to aid the development of scholars who generate new knowledge in the field of strategic management - knowledge that will advance the field's theoretical foundations, conceptual views, and applications relevant to more effective management of all types of organizations.

In 1980, the Strategic Management Journal was started to report contributions to the field. The following year, the Strategic Management Society was founded to help disseminate and codify new knowledge. Now we have come full circle to the SRF – a funding entity that extends the SMS' purpose and is devoted to fostering and financially supporting research in the strategic management field.

SMS Research Endowment
To ensure the ongoing availability of funds for the SRF programs and grants, the SMS has set aside the major part of its reserves in a Research Endowment fund of $3.5 million. The Board of the SMS has restricted and dedicated these funds and their proceeds to the support of research funding programs. It is hoped that through wise investment this Research Endowment will continue to grow. Additional funding will come from the SMS and hopefully other sources needed to develop a substantial research agenda. We look to the charitable contributions of individuals, sponsoring businesses, consulting firms, and others to fulfill these needs.

The core activity of the SRF is to support research through the awarding of grants. These grants will support to be conducted by those individuals or groups who respond to requests for proposals generated by the SRF and who succeed in a competitive application and review process.