Grants Programs

The SRF has adopted a broad and inclusive view of research in the field of strategic management. Of particular importance is research that addresses practical, contemporary problems facing managers, has high potential impact on private and public policy, and/or is needed research that likely would not otherwise be done.

SRF programs have been in operations since 2011 and grants have been awarded to fund both faculty and doctoral student research. Please click here to view a list of individuals who have received SRF funding.

The SRF currently operated the Research in Organizations Program and The Dissertation Research Program. Both programs operate on an annual cycle with proposals due on October 1.

Research in Organizations Program

The objective of the Research in Organizations Program is to support empirical studies conducted in organizational settings in which scholars collaborate with managers to address a problem important to both the theory and practice of strategic management. Click here to learn more about the Research in Organizations Program.

Dissertation Research Program

The Dissertation Research Program supports original research in the field of strategic management that is required for the award of a research doctoral degree (Ph.D. or equivalent). Dissertation Research Program funds are intended to support elements of their research that enhance the quality, expand the scope, augment the research design, or in some other way enrich their dissertation projects. Click here to learn more about the Dissertation Research Program.