Call for Nominations: SEJ Co-Editor

Call for SEJ Co-Editor Nominations

The Strategic Management Society and Wiley are seeking nominations for one Co-Editor position at the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ). SEJ, founded in 2007, is targeted at publishing the most influential managerially oriented entrepreneurship research in the world. It is a research journal that publishes original work recommended by a developmental, double-blind review process conducted by peer scholars. Strategic entrepreneurship involves innovation and subsequent changes which add value to society and which change societal life in ways that have significant, sustainable, and durable consequences.

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This Call for Nominations reflects the end of the term of Co-Editor Melissa Graebner (ending December 2023). The new Co-Editor of SEJ will be appointed for a renewable three-year term and will assume duties in January 2024. The new Co-Editor will work with continuing Co-Editors Peter Klein and Yong Li.

Co-Editors of the journal should be able to manage a complex set of tasks. These include but are not limited to: (a) processing all submissions and being action editors on many manuscripts; (b) recruiting, onboarding, and engaging in continuous development of Associate Editors and Editorial Review Board members; (c) creating and communicating policies to authors, Associate Editors, and reviewers; and (d) participating in SMS activities.

Each nominee should have the following qualifications:

  • Scholarly strength: Recognized worldwide as a strong scholar in the entrepreneurship field.

  • Editorial experience: Has served or is serving as an Associate Editor or Editor of one of the three Strategic Management Society journals (SMJ, SEJ, or GSJ) or has equivalent experience as a decision editor in other leading journals.

  • Open-minded and constructive attitude: History of open-mindedness regarding topics and methodologies for entrepreneurship research and constructiveness in helping people develop different types of research opportunities.

  • Strong work ethic: History of a strong work ethic in editorial activities, including both timeliness and ability to handle a steady stream of papers.

  • Collaborative leadership experience: Ability to work effectively as a leader in an extended team. As SEJ Co-Editor, the relevant team will include the SEJ Editors (Co-Editors and Associate Editors), SEJ Editorial Review Board members and ad hoc reviewers, Co-Editors of other SMS journals, Media Innovations Co-Editors, SMS staff and Board members, Wiley staff, and an evolving set of other global contributors.

  • Passion: Clear commitment to helping the journal and the field move forward, both operationally and strategically.

  • Visionary and proactive leadership skills: Co-Editors must take an active part in developing the strategic direction of the journal. A Co-Editor must also stay current on the latest guidelines, recommendations, and evidence about peer review and journal management. The journal, as an instrument of a major scholarly organization in the entrepreneurship field, must both reflect and guide the field. Therefore, the Co-Editor must be actively involved with decisions on journal processes, staffing, planning, and promotion and will coordinate with other SMS journals on a regular basis.

Nominations, including self-nominations, will be accepted until June 16, 2023. Nominations should include (in PDF format):

  • A statement of interest from the nominee, for both self-nominations and nominations by third parties, indicating the nominee’s goals for the journal as well as logistical items including name, full address, email address, and telephone number.

  • A letter of up to 800 words summarizing the nominee’s qualifications relative to the criteria above.

  • Up to three third-party letters of support or recommendation.

  • A current curriculum vitae.

  • If available, relevant statistics (number of papers handled, distribution of decisions, evaluations) from previous editorial experiences at journals other than SMJ, SEJ, and GSJ. The SMS office will supply statistics related to its journals to the Search Committee for each candidate.

The SEJ Co-Editor Search Committee of the SMS will review nominations, select, and recommend the appointment of the Co-Editor to the SMS Board and Wiley no later than Fall 2023. Members of the Search Committee may include current and past members of the SMS Board, SMS Fellows, and current and past Editors of the SMS journals, among others. Successful candidates will be provided with an SMS Editorial Responsibilities Agreement for execution prior to assuming the responsibilities of the role.

Please submit nomination(s) to the SEJ Editorial Office through Submittable.  

If you have questions about this process, please contact Lana Bandy, Senior Manager of Publications & Foundation, at

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Peter Klein
Baylor University
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Yong Li
University of Nevada Las Vegas