Submission Process

We invite you to use our online system to submit to the SMS Reading Circle.

Step 1: Log into you SMS Profile. Only current members of the organization are eligible to submit to this initiative.
Step 2: After logging in to the website, you can electronically submit by uploading a Word Doc and providing information on the title, an abstract, a track, as well as any names of co-authors, if applicable. You can login at any time again to see the progress of your submitted proposal.
Step 3: If you are not the single author of the proposal, your co-authors will be contacted by email. They will be asked to register and provide their contact information, as well as confirming their involvement with the submitted proposal.
Step 4: The SMS office will verify the completion of your submission once we have all necessary information on all authors and will forward the submission to peer review.
Step 5: Once in peer review, you will be informed of the reviewers' names and be able to communicate with them through the 'mySubmissions' page.