Paris Doctoral Workshop: Attending Students

picture of David An
David An
EBS University of Business and Law
picture of Di Bian
Di Bian
University of St. Gallen
picture of Dylan Boynton
Dylan Boynton
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
picture of Dize Dinckol
Dize Dinckol
University of Oxford
picture of Sami Ghaddar
Sami Ghaddar
University of Connecticut
picture of Sangyun Kim
Sangyun Kim
University of Zurich
picture of Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee
Michigan State University
picture of Saerom Lee
Saerom Lee
Wharton School
picture of Valerie Machoba
Valerie Machoba
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management gGmbh
picture of Arianna Marchetti
Arianna Marchetti
London Business School
picture of Eric C. Mota
Eric C. Mota
Wichita State University
picture of Tommy Pan Fang
Tommy Pan Fang
Rice University
picture of Jen Rhymer
Jen Rhymer
University College London
picture of Jenna Rodrigues
Jenna Rodrigues
University of Connecticut
picture of Daniel Sands
Daniel Sands
University College London
picture of Sayan Sarkar
Sayan Sarkar
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
picture of Eunkwang Seo
Eunkwang Seo
Oklahoma State University
picture of Haram Seo
Haram Seo
Texas A&M University
picture of Rui Shen
Rui Shen
Zhejiang University
picture of Kira Stearns
Kira Stearns
University of California, Los Angeles
picture of Shirish Sundaresan
Shirish Sundaresan
Georgia State University
picture of Tyler Whittle
Tyler Whittle
Stanford University
picture of Amy Zhao-Ding
Amy Zhao-Ding
Technical University of Munich
picture of Amirhossein Zohrehvand
Amirhossein Zohrehvand
Leiden University