Summary of the SMS Special Conference in Milan

We hope that you enjoyed the SMS Special Conference in Milan! On behalf of the Conference Program Chairs and SMS, thank you to everyone that attended the conference. Your participation helped to create a memorable event, and we hope you found the conference relevant to your interests and goals.

We would also like to thank SDA Bocconi for hosting us on their beautiful campus and supporting this SMS Special Conference!

Thank you from the Conference Program Chairs

Thank you for attending the SMS Special Conference on "Governing Knowledge and Imagination in The Digital Era"!

The intent of the conference was to deepen our understanding and advance possible solutions to the relevant issues raised by the progress of the Digital Era. Fast-paced innovation and technological breakthroughs are changing the way society, business and technology relate to each other, requiring new ways of thinking and operating. The conference represented a valuable moment of discussion around these topics, thanks to high-quality and thought-provoking research. To this end, we are happy to have achieved one of the main goals of the conference, which was to foster a tight collaboration between practitioners and academics: this has been done thanks to the innovative format of LABs and Interactive Multi-media Roundtables, which allowed to develop solutions to the real problems and challenges of the Digital Era.

We are also happy that we have been able to organize the first in-person SMS conference after the pandemic. We hope you enjoyed your time on our new Campus, and had the chance to visit Milan and Italy afterwards.

We truly thank all of you for your fundamental contributions, and we hope you have a great summer!

Carlo Salvato & Alessandro Minichilli
Conference Program Chairs

Summaries of the Labs and Roundtables

This conference was designed with the goal of stimulating close and fruitful collaboration between practitioners (managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants) and academics in understanding and solving burning issues raised by the progress of the Digital Era. Interactive formats engendered innovative insights and solution-oriented proposals to problems and opportunities. Below you will find summaries of these interactive sessions to help expand the discussions. 

All Interactive Media Roundtables
Digitalized Industrial Communities Lab
A Collaborative and Innovative Way of Working in the Digital Era Lab
Design Thinking in the Digital Era Lab