The New SMS Guidelines for Professional Conduct

The Board of Directors for the Society approved a set of Guidelines for Professional Conduct for the Society and Society members. The guidelines were developed and recommended to the Board by a task force chaired by Bob Hoskisson. Other members of this task force were Africa Arino, Parthiban David, Javier Gimeno, Costas Markides, Kent Miller, and Gerry Sanders.

Following, we attempt to provide some basic information about the purpose and use of these guidelines.

Purpose of the Guidelines

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The guidelines were developed to provide a statement of the basic values of the SMS as a professional society. Furthermore, they were intended to provide guidance to members regarding their behavior in given situations as members of the profession and the field of strategic management. This statement of values and guidelines for professional behavior, we believe, can be helpful to the continued development of our field. It should promote development in a way that respects others in our field and adjacent fields, as well as provides principles that serve as guides for our professional behavior. Thus, the guidelines are specifically intended to be helpful to our members in the Society and others in the profession.

Why Develop Guidelines for Professional Conduct?

A number of other professional organizations have codes of ethics. We felt it was important for our professional society to have a statement of our values—values that support the members of the profession and the field of strategic management. One primary reason for developing a set of guidelines for professional conduct is to help our members in making decisions about their own professional actions that contribute to the further development of the field of strategic management. Finally, we believe such guidelines could be especially helpful to new members of the field and the Society.

How Should These Guidelines Be Received and Used?

We hope members will view these guidelines as helpful and supportive in their activities in the profession. Over time, each of us may be confronted with issues where the appropriate behavior may be difficult to ascertain. We hope these guidelines help members sort out some of those issues and make appropriate decisions regarding their own professional conduct. Therefore, we hope our members and others in the profession will read carefully and use these guidelines as they make decisions about their own professional behavior.

How Will These Guidelines Be Distributed?

The guidelines will be posted on the SMS Website and available to all who visit that Website, including nonmembers. Additionally, the guidelines will be sent to all members of the Society and will be included among the information provided to all new members who join the Society. In addition, we intend to send a copy of these guidelines—as a statement of the professional values of the Society and its members—to deans of major business schools throughout the world. From time to time, we also expect to distribute the guidelines to other important constituents of the Society and the field of strategic management.

We hope our members and others in the profession find these guidelines helpful and supportive of their professional activities.

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