NEW: SMS Task Force on Code of Professional Conduct

The Board of Directors of the Strategic Management Society has formed a Task Force to develop a "Code of Professional Conduct" as an official policy of the Society. This Code is intended to be a statement of our values as a professional society. However, it is also intended to provide guidance for professional behavior of our members and others in the profession. A number of other professional organizations have codes of ethics. We hope that our code will exhibit our ethical values but go further to exemplify the type of professional behavior we believe is important for the continued development of the field. We also believe that such a code could be especially helpful to the new members in the field. Members who would like to share their input are encouraged to email task force chair, Bob Hoskission (Arizona State University), at

picture of Bob Hoskisson Bob Hoskisson Chairperson Arizona State University

picture of Africa Ariño Africa Ariño Member ISESE

picture of David Parthiban David Parthiban Member University of Oklahoma

picture of Javier Gimeno Javier Gimeno Member INSEAD

picture of Costas Markides Costas Markides Member London Business School

picture of Kent Miller Kent Miller Member Michigan State University

picture of Gerry Sanders Gerry Sanders Member Brigham Young University

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