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SMS Media Innovations harnesses digital media to disseminate SMS insights and engage the strategy community in conversations about strategic management. Our vision is to use digital media to enrich the global community of strategic management scholarship. Please contact the Co-Editors if you have suggestions for activities or would like to engage in the media initiative.

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VSIs help summarize and integrate research themes from SMS scholarship, while highlighting potential paths for ongoing research. Click here to access the latest VSIs.

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A Strategy Contribution to the Immigration Debate

Do skilled ethnic migrants steal jobs from local skilled workers? According to Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury and Do Yoon Kim, this question may originate from a flawed assumption—that domestic and foreign workers carry equal skills, and are essentially interchangeable. Yet, evidence from their recently accepted SMJ paper reveals  … [More]


A discussion of business research sponsored by the Strategic Management Society, publisher of the SMJ, SEJ, and GSJ. Please click here to access the Research Chatter podcasts on Soundcloud.

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