Aims & Scopes

Goal: The media innovations activity of the Strategic Management Society has the goal of increasing the recognition, engagement, and impact of SMS scholarship. Our work involves active partnership among the media innovations editors and staff at the SMS and Wiley, as well as with journal editors and members of the SMS board and interest groups.


Themes: In seeking to achieve the recognition, engagement, and impact goal, we are focusing on three major themes: Improving promotion, access, and discussion of SMS scholarship,

  • Promotion: Promote SMS events and publications to members and as many interested people as possible beyond the Society membership
  • Access: Create seamless, simple user experience and access to SMS events and scholarship
  • Discussion: Promote ongoing discussion of SMS events and scholarship, including both academic and practical implications, as well as potential events and scholarship


Activities: The Society’s media innovation work involves several ongoing activities that help SMS members and others “join the conversation” about strategic management research and practice

  • Websites: Working to make the SMS and Wiley webpages transparent and connected.
  • Twitter: Facilitating regular tweets about SMS journal articles and other activities of the Society.
  • E-TOCs: Sending regular emails about journal issue tables of contents and SMS events.
  • Social media: Coordinating postings and discussions on the SMS social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube.
  • Virtual special issues (VSIs): Coordinating publication of virtual special issues that aggregate and promote publications on related topics across the SMS journals, including VSIs that address both research and applications implications.
  • Video abstracts: Working with SMS authors to prepare and post video abstracts to support their publications.
  • Author support: Preparing material to help authors promote their publications.
  • Conference and interest group support: Helping organizers of SMS annual and regional conferences as well as leaders of SMS interest groups promote and highlight activities and scholars.
  • Data tracking: Developing relevant metrics to evaluate the impact of SMJ scholarship, as well as assessing the impact of media innovations activity on SMS article downloads and citations in academic and business venues.