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AUGUST 22, 2022
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SEPTEMBER 17, 2022
Workshops at SMS London

Revolutionizing Business Education - Virtual Reality Case Studies

Saturday, September 17, 2022
09:00h – 12:00h

Sponsored by the Teaching Community

Application & Pre-registration Required

Over the last 60 years, teaching in business schools has been mainly based on the written case study method. The main idea behind this approach is to put learners in real life situations where they read about one or several protagonists who are faced with a challenging situation. Through class discussion, learners are exposed to models and analytical tools that can help cope with the challenge. Yet, more and more business professors are feeling discontent with standard written case studies for failing to bring into the classroom subtle dilemmas and convey tension or other feelings in human exchange. It is also unclear how many people read case studies before classes, and how engaged they become with them.

With the advancement of virtual reality (VR) technologies most of these issues can be resolved. VR case studies do not require much preparation on the learner’s part and provide a truly experiential and immersive way of "getting into" real life situations and solving managerial dilemmas. VR technologies elicit in participants the illusion of being present in a simulated reality, experiencing environments, and social interactions as if they were real. The key to understanding the essence of the technology is rooted in the role that sensorimotor processing and body-centered interaction play in this technology. VR head-mounted-display devices track head movement in six dimensions and apply this information to correspond with the visual rendition of an environment – resulting in the sense of presence in its participants.

In the past 3 years numerous VR case studies have been produced at business schools and thousands of students experienced them, both in the classroom and remotely.
The workshop will bring together six professors who have produced and taught VR cases in strategy. They will demonstrate, explain, and discuss these exciting pedagogical breakthroughs. The workshop will consist of several parts:

1. Introduction to the VR case method
2. A masterclass demonstrating how a VR case is taught
3. The VR toolbox – a discussion of the advantages of teaching in VR
4. Producing a VR case – how it is done?
5. Roundtables – ideas for new VR cases in strategy


Speakers & Panelists

picture of Michael Sacks
Michael Sacks
Emory University
picture of Christopher Tucci
Christopher Tucci
Imperial College London
picture of Daniel Landau
Daniel Landau
AVR Immersive Solutions

Application Requirements

Given the limited number of VR headsets available, this workshop will be limited to 40 participants. Priority will be given to people who have experience in teaching and authoring cases and who would like to become involved in producing and teaching VR cases.

Applications will be required for this workshop. To be considered for this workshop applicants should submit the following materials as a single PDF through the workshop website.

Application requirements: 

1. A short (1-paragraph) summary of why you would like to be part of the workshop, focusing on your interest and capacity to engage in teaching and authoring VR cases.
2. Your current CV


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