Workshop Dates

AUGUST 22, 2022
Application Deadline (If Applicable)
Notification of Acceptance
Workshop Participant Pre-Registration Deadline
SEPTEMBER 17, 2022
Workshops at SMS London

Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group –Professional Development Workshop

Saturday, September 17, 2022
13:00h – 16:00h 

Sponsored by the Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group

Application & Pre-registration Required for Part Two

The Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group is offering a Professional and Paper Development Workshop. The workshop consists of two components.

The first component is a professional development workshop and is open to everyone. The professional development workshop aims to provide a venue for senior-career faculty to share their views on the future of SL&G research and offer advice for publishing SL&G topics in management journals. This component will include a panel discussion with senior scholars. This component will last one hour and fifteen minutes.

Following a break for networking, the second component is a paper development workshop designed for Ph.D. students and junior faculty. This session will offer participants the opportunity to discuss their work in a small group, round table format. Participants of this workshop need to submit a five-page research proposal (SMS style) in order to apply for this session. The research proposals will be distributed to the mentors and other group members. Participants in each group (consisting of the authors of 3 to 4 papers with a common theme or methodology) will exchange feedback during this portion of the program. Experienced SL&G scholars will provide feedback and facilitate each group discussion. This component will last an hour and fifteen minutes.


Speakers & Panelists

picture of Joanna Campbell
Joanna Campbell
University of Cincinnati
picture of Amanda Cowen
Amanda Cowen
University of Virginia
picture of Cynthia E Devers
Cynthia E Devers
Virginia Tech
picture of Anja Tuschke
Anja Tuschke
LMU Munich
picture of Lorenz Graf-Vlachy
Lorenz Graf-Vlachy
TU Dortmund University
picture of Aaron Hill
Aaron Hill
University of Florida
picture of Ann Mooney Murphy
Ann Mooney Murphy
Stevens Institute of Technology
picture of Mariano (Pitosh) Heyden
Mariano (Pitosh) Heyden
Monash University
picture of Scott Graffin
Scott Graffin
University of Georgia
picture of Benjamin McLarty
Benjamin McLarty
Mississippi State University

Application Requirements

Applications will be required for the second portion of this workshop. To be considered for this workshop applicants should submit the following materials as a single PDF through the workshop website.

Application requirements: 

- Five-page research proposal (SMS style) 

Workshop Organizers

picture of Daniel Gamache
Daniel Gamache
University of Georgia
picture of Wei Shi
Wei Shi
University of Miami