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AUGUST 22, 2022
Application Deadline (If Applicable)
Notification of Acceptance
Workshop Participant Pre-Registration Deadline
SEPTEMBER 17, 2022
Workshops at SMS London

Methodological Frontiers: Leveraging New Methods and Data Sources

Saturday, September 17, 2022
09:00h – 12:00h

Sponsored by the Research Methods Community

Application & Pre-registration Required for Part B

Given the success of last year’s SMS workshop on Methodological Frontiers, we are happy to follow-up this year with a new workshop. We will focus on how new methods and data can push the frontier of strategy research to generate novel insights. The session will include a panel discussion and application-based roundtable discussions.

Part A: Panel Discussion (open to all conference attendees): Panelists will share insights on publishing research using frontier methodologies in a two-part panel discussion. The first portion will discuss questions like: What challenges have they faced from editors and reviewers? How have they dealt with these challenges? What are the advantages in pushing frontier methodologies into “mainstream” strategy research?

In the second portion, panelists will address the idea of what kinds of questions can be answered with frontier methods and what are the limitations.
Publishing at the Frontiers— Authors and editors who have successfully published with frontier methodologies discuss their experience of getting their papers published
Methodological Frontiers: Leveraging New Methods and Data Sources —what questions can we answer with frontier methods and what are the limitations? How do they see these approaches advancing going forward, i.e., how are the frontiers evolving?

Part B: Round Table (application-based): Participants will discuss their research and interests with panelists in roundtables. The roundtables will provide participants the opportunity to gain personalized feedback on their research ideas from faculty panelists. Participants will be asked to submit short abstracts of their ideas or questions prior to the workshop. Potential Round table topics include: Method specific table topics (i.e. machine learning, simulations, etc.), Research design with “frontier” methods, Publishing on the frontiers and navigating the R&R process, and Going on the market with frontier methods: the opportunities and pitfalls.


Speakers & Panelists

picture of Anil Doshi
Anil Doshi
UCL School of Management
picture of Giada Di Stefano
Giada Di Stefano
Bocconi University
picture of Florence Honore
Florence Honore
University of Wisconsin-Madison
picture of Prithwiraj Choudhury
Prithwiraj Choudhury
Harvard University

Application Requirements

Applications will be required for the second portion of this workshop. To be considered for this workshop applicants should submit the following materials as a single PDF through the workshop website.

Application requirements: 

- CV and short abstracts of your research ideas or questions


Workshop Organizers

picture of Sheryl Winston Smith
Sheryl Winston Smith
BI Norwegian Business School
picture of Elena Plaksenkova
Elena Plaksenkova
Ohio State University