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AUGUST 22, 2022
Application Deadline (If Applicable)
Notification of Acceptance
Workshop Participant Pre-Registration Deadline
SEPTEMBER 17, 2022
Workshops at SMS London

Experiments in Entrepreneurship and Strategy Development Workshop

Saturday, September 17, 2022
13:00h – 16:00h 

Sponsored by the Competitive Strategy, Cooperative Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Strategy Practice, Corporate Strategy, and Strategy Process Interest Groups

Application & Pre-registration Required

Experiments are important tools for scholars because they allow them to address persistent puzzles in the literature, extend theories, and examine the micro-foundations of firm differences. Unsurprisingly, recent years have seen an increase in the number of articles using experimental methodologies in strategy and entrepreneurship. However, using experiments requires a very different approach than the one scholars versed in traditional methods are used to and poses unique challenges in designing and running studies. The purpose of this workshop is to bring scholars together to take stock of how to design and run better experiments and provide feedback on experimental studies. The workshop features a panel discussion (1 hour), followed by an interactive roundtable session (2 hours).

The invited panelists will specifically discuss what techniques and practices can inform novel study design in strategy and entrepreneurship, using examples from their own research. They will also share with the audience successful and less successful attempts at running experiments. In doing so, the panel will outline the specific opportunities to advance the theory, methods, and variety of topics that methodologically advanced experiments can address and provides actionable insights for researchers at all stages of their career.

The next two hours of the workshop will be devoted to roundtable discussions during which participants will receive feedback on their own 1-page descriptions of a future or current experiment they submitted prior to the workshop and will have a chance to ask additional questions about experimental methods.


Speakers & Panelists

picture of Prithwiraj Choudhury
Prithwiraj Choudhury
Harvard University
picture of Giada Di Stefano
Giada Di Stefano
Bocconi University
picture of Lamar Pierce
Lamar Pierce
Washington University in St. Louis
picture of Cedric Gutierrez
Cedric Gutierrez
Bocconi University
picture of Oliver Baumann
Oliver Baumann
University of Southern Denmark
picture of Elizabeth Lyons
Elizabeth Lyons
UC San Diego
picture of Jana Gallus
Jana Gallus
University of California, Los Angeles
picture of Rembrand Koning
Rembrand Koning
Harvard Business School
picture of Elena Novelli
Elena Novelli
Bayes Business School, City, University of London
picture of Helge Klapper
Helge Klapper
Erasmus University Rotterdam
picture of Sharique Hasan
Sharique Hasan
Duke University
picture of Jacqueline Lane
Jacqueline Lane
Harvard University
picture of Sheen S Levine
Sheen S Levine
University of Texas at Dallas
picture of Thorbjørn Knudsen
Thorbjørn Knudsen
University of Southern Denmark
picture of Stephan Billinger
Stephan Billinger
University of Southern Denmark
picture of Thomaz Teodorovicz
Thomaz Teodorovicz
Copenhagen Business School

Application Requirements

Applications will be required for this workshop. To be considered for this workshop applicants should submit the following materials as a single PDF through the workshop website.

Application requirements: 
- CV
- One-page description of a future or current experiment that includes: 1) Dependent Variable(s) you want to examine 2) Experimental IVs you want to vary 3) Covariates that you need to understand and deal with if it is a quasi-experimental design 4) Indicate whether your experiment is based on the tradition of general strategy, behavioural economics, psychology, or others 5) Classify your experiment as a field experiment, lab experiment, lab-in-the-field experiment, field-in-the-lab experiment, online experiment, or survey experiment.


Workshop Organizers

picture of Oliver Baumann
Oliver Baumann
University of Southern Denmark

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