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Strategy for a Sustainable and Responsible World

University of Rome LUMSA, Palermo Campus

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Today’s interconnected and technology-driven business world requires that firms engage in stakeholders’ growing challenges and expectations to understand, identify, and tackle societal, community, and ecological impact. These challenges and expectations inescapably imply a deep dive into a new business paradigm that embraces a broader set of values, novel approaches, and renewed lens through which to pursue economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Therefore, firms are summoned not only to develop sustainability-oriented innovations and mold sustainable business models, but also to fully amalgamate them in their strategies, organizational processes and structures. In so doing, firms can improve their management of business risks and opportunities whilst enhancing long-term social and environmental sustainability.

The growing impact of these advancements and the exponential rate of adoption of these new practices have stirred up the discussion on the importance to dig deeper into the core issues connected with the themes of sustainability and responsibility. More specifically, the strategy domain is feeling its requirement to investigate the inner nature of sustainability, as well as their antecedents, processes, and implications for firms within and across industries, platforms, and ecosystems.

In order to support such stimulating conversation within the vibrant academic community of strategy, we're hosting an SMS Extension at the headquarters of the University of Rome LUMSA, Palermo Campus, Italy. This SMS Extension aims to advance fertile and lively conversation on evolving theories and practices of strategic sustainability and managerial responsibility. The venue speaks to scholars who are interested in issues such as: sustainability as strategy for competitive advantage or, as a practice for survival; sustainable business models to leverage and compete effectively within industries, platforms markets and ecosystems; the drivers, processes, and outcomes of strategic sustainability and responsibility; the role of innovation as a key factor for supporting economic, social, and environmental sustainability.



We are pleased to host this extension on the Palermo Campus of the University of Rome LUMSA. As the regional capital of Sicily, Palermo is the one of Italy’s largest cities. The city has a three-millennium long history in which it has passed through several civilizations with their distinctive customs, traditions, religions, and cultures (e.g., Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Aragonese, Angevins, and so on). With such a rich history, Sicily’s capital is a truly unique melting-pot of architectural styles that are featured in many unique tourist attractions and treasured landmarks, such as the city Cathedral, the Royal Palace, Monreale Cathedral with its magnificent medieval cloister, and the Church of Saint John of the Hermits, to name just a few. Palermo is also globally acknowledged for its traditional Sicilian cuisine, an array of flavorsome food and wine incarnations that are the consequence of an exclusive amalgamation between French, Swiss, Arab, and local cookery and vine cultivation efforts. 

University of Rome LUMSA
Via Filippo Parlatore, 65
90145 Palermo PA

We suggest to select one of the following hotels that are located at a walking distance from the venue:

The international airport of Palermo (Falcone and Borsellino Airport) offers direct connections with several international destinations. The airport also features frequent connections with Rome and Milan airport systems with frequent daily flights. Located 30 Km out of the city, the airport is connected via: a) a 30-minute regular train service (starting at minutes :27 and :42; airport station name “Punta Raisi”); b) a 30-minute regular shuttle bus; c) taxi and taxi-sharing service; and d) rented car.

Palermo airport is directly connected to London with numerous daily arrangements (BA, Easyjet, and Ryanair), flying to Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, and Gatwick Airport.

Extension Organizers

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Anna Minà
University of Rome LUMSA
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Sergio Paternostro
University of Rome LUMSA