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Laura Claus
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Ryan Coles
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Towards Alternative Measures of Firm Performance in Emerging Economies

Imperial College London

Friday, October 23, 2020

Revenue growth, profit margin, stock market performance, and patent output are among the preferred dependent variables that scholars employ to assess whether strategies are successful. In emerging economies, however, such measures asymmetrically represent the operational reality of businesses. Often conventional metrics are ill-designed and limited in their explanatory power to capture the dynamism of expansive subsistence economies which tend to be the socio-economic backbone of emerging economies. This is consequential as a failure to mirror the empirical reality of emerging economies and also curtails the relevance of academic work to policy makers, entrepreneurs and business owners in these regions.

Innovative scholars have embraced new measures and found a focus on, for example, employment growth, firm resilience, firm visibility, social change, firm longevity, community embeddedness, and survival to be meaningful dependent variables. Yet, such generative academic explorations, while intriguing, are far from being mainstream in academe.

Imperial College Business School invites innovative and curious scholars to a one-day SMS extension to push forward an agenda of alternative measures of firm performance. Invited speakers will explore and showcase a heterogeneous view of firm performance that is rooted in context-dependent inquiries. The conference will feature both a “how-to” part that focuses on the practicalities of designing and publishing work with alternative measures and an agenda setting part that charts out a way into the future. The intent of this conference is to foster a scholarly community and build momentum toward making alternative measures of firm performance part of academic mainstream.

Tentative Schedule

08:00     Registration
08:30     Welcome Address
              Garry Bruton
              Tim Weiss
08:45     Keynotes: Overview of the Field 
              Johanna Mair: Innovative Social Firm Performance Measures
              Will Mitchell: High-impact Methodologies
              Wes Sine: New Frontiers in Economic Firm Performance Metrics
10:00     Break
10:30     Showcase Panel: Specific Research Papers
              Laura Claus
              Ryan Coles
              Rob Eberhardt
              Rob Nason
12:15     Working Lunch
14:15     Plenary Session Reporting on Lunch Discussions
15:30     Break
16:00     Synthesis Panel: Bringing It All Together and Charting Out a Research Agenda
              Mike Lounsbury
              Ute Stephan
              Maurizio Zollo
17:00     Closing Remarks
              Garry Bruton
              Tim Weiss


We are pleased to host this extension at Imperial College London. Located in the heart of London, Imperial is a multidisciplinary space for education, research, translation and commercialisation, harnessing science and innovation to tackle global challenges.

Imperial College London
South Kensington
London SW7 2BU
United Kingdom

Imperial College London is approximately a 15 minute drive from the Hilton London Metropole, the location of the SM Annual Conference. We recommend extending your stay at this hotel for convenince to attend this extension. 

Extension Organizers

picture of Garry Bruton
Garry Bruton
Texas Christian University
picture of Tim Weiss
Tim Weiss
Imperial College London