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Jonathan Doh
Villanova University
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New York University
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Boston University
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Constance Helfat
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Non-Market Strategy for a Disruptive World

Cork University Business School, University College Cork

Friday, October 23, 2020

Set against an environment of geopolitical uncertainty and the conference backdrop of how do companies prepare for the next wave of disruption, this extension will consider the findings and insights of non-market strategy research over the past 25 years and reflect on how fit for purpose this body of knowledge is for a disrupted world. Can non-market strategy research contribute to strategies and structures that render companies more agile and adaptable in a fast moving competitive landscape? What are the emerging and future research pathways for non-market strategy scholars in a disruptive world? How fit for purpose is non-market strategy research in a multipolar world increasingly characterized by institutional variance and regulatory competition?

With a focus on theorization, methodologies, and geopolitical context, this extension will bring together leading and emergent scholars from this growing field to discuss the extent to which existing findings can inform future research inquiries and the ways in which theoretical and real-world developments can advance our research lenses and agendas. The extension will include keynotes from Constance Helfat and Jonathan Doh, followed by a sequence of panel and roundtable sessions with leading non-market strategy scholars, designed to launch a new generation of questions and collaborations. We want to encourage conversation and cooperation around current challenges and emergent opportunities in non-market strategy research. We encourage all SMS attendees with an interest in non-market strategy to join us for highly interactive sessions where academics and practitioners will explore the past and future of non-market strategy.


We are pleased to host this extension at the University College Cork Centre for Executive Education. Cork (from the Irish “corcaigh”, meaning “marsh”) was founded as a monastic settlement by St Finbarr in the early 7th Century on an island in the estuary of the River Lee. An important seaport, and the last port of call for the ill-fated Titanic, Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and is regarded as the food capital, being at the forefront of the Irish gourmet and craft beverage revolution. Cork city and county host Apple’s European headquarters and Ireland’s largest pharma cluster, and are home to a world class agri-food industry. Founded in 1845, University College Cork (UCC) has since grown to more than 21,000 students and generates one of the largest research incomes in the state. George Boole, whose work laid the foundations of the information age, was UCC’s first professor of mathematics. 

UCC Centre for Executive Education
1 Lapp's Quay
Centre, Cork, T12 VF82

Additional information to come. 

Cork Airport ( is 10 minutes from the city centre and there are 4 flights a day to London Heathrow with Aer Lingus (also Ryanair flights to London Stansted).


Extension Organizers

picture of Thomas Lawton
Thomas Lawton
University College Cork
picture of Tazeeb Rajwani
Tazeeb Rajwani
University of Surrey
picture of Timothy Werner
Timothy Werner
University of Texas at Austin

Tentative Schedule

08:30 Registration & Coffee
09:00 Welcome from the Dean of Cork University Business School
09:15 Keynote: In Conversation with Constance Helfat and Jonathan Doh
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Panel: Discussion of the Keynotes with Caroline Flammer and Jennifer Oetzel
12:00 Lunch & Industry Speaker
13:30 Panel: Nonmarket Strategy in Turbulent Times
15:00 Coffee Break
15:15 Roundtable Discussion: Nonmarket Strategy Research Methods, Theory Development, & Emerging Agendas
16:30 Closing Remarks
18:00 Cocktail Reception & Dinner at University College Cork