FEBRUARY 21, 2020
Deadline to Submit Extension Proposal
Launch Extension Website and Registration
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Program for Extension Available
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Organize an Extension for the 2020 SMS Annual Conference!

Extensions are separate, topical workshops individually organized in cities that are conveniently reached from the main conference location. They are aimed at furthering the scientific debate on a specific topic in smaller workshop-type settings with the intent of bringing together attendees of the main SMS conference with local scholars. Typically, these one-day workshops are organized as a sequence of panel sessions organized around the theme of the extension.

For your extension to be considered, please submit a one-page proposal detailing the potential organizers, theme, dates, location, and budget to Andrea Schmidl at Please find additional information regarding these details below. Once submitted, your proposal will be reviewed for approval by the SMS Executive Office.

Each Extension should have a few key people (1-4) to serve as the organizer/organizing committee. The committee members will be responsible for the program content and the logistical arrangements of the Extension.

Extension organizing committees create a theme and program for the extension. Extensions consist of panels and other workshop components but are not meant to have a Call for Proposals or a submission process.

Extension proposals should include the intended date and location for the, as well as any supporting institutions. In addition to planning the program for the day, organizers are responsible for planning the food and beverage, as well as location logistics. The hosting institution typically provides meeting space and some administrative support as part of its sponsorship of the Extension. Each Extension should be planned to include coffee breaks and a group lunch; a group reception/dinner is an option to be considered at the organizers’ discretion. For approved extensions, SMS will provide a portion of the registration fees on a reimbursement basis to offset expenses incurred for the event. Extension Proposals should include expense estimates based on the host institution’s planned contribution and other anticipated costs. Additional sponsorship is also welcomed to cover expenses.

Most SMS Extensions attract approximately 20-50 attendees per Extension, some of whom also attend the SMS Annual Conference and some who solely attend the extension. Attendees will be required to register in advance to facilitate planning and registration will be processed through the SMS website. Extension registration fees have not yet been set for 2020 but will follow recent practice, including discounted fees for attendees who are current Members of the Society.

SMS will market the extension along with its other programs for the Annual Conference. The Extensions will be featured on the SMS Annual Conference website with information on program content and logistics as made available by the organizing committees. Logistic items typically include the schedule for the day, travel and accommodation advice, organizer contact information, etc, which can be added to the site as the details are finalized. Additional local announcements and marketing of these events are the responsibility of the organizers. The SMS will provide assistance and proper SMS logos for marketing collateral. Marketing materials carrying the SMS logo and name should be made available to the SMS Executive Office for review.

Additional Details & Template

Download the document for additional details and a template for your extension proposal!

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