picture of J Ignacio Canales J Ignacio Canales
... is a Reader in Strategy at the Adam Smith Business School in the University of Glasgow. His research interests in strategy process focuses on asymmetric relationships between managers as they interact to formulate... More

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picture of Dries Faems Dries Faems
... is Full Professor Innovation & Organization at the Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Groningen), Visiting Professor at the LUISS Business School, and Affiliated Researcher at the Research Centre of Organisation Studies... More

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Reps at Large 2017

picture of Magdalena Dobrajska Magdalena Dobrajska
... is Assistant Professor in Strategic and International Management at Copenhagen Business School. Her research focuses on strategic organizational design, decision-making in firms, decision structures and delegation of ... More

picture of John Joseph John Joseph
... is an Assistant Professor at the Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine. John Joseph received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University and was most recently on the faculty at Duke University. John Joseph’s research lies at the intersection of strategy and organization theory. His work examines ... More

picture of Ioannis Thanos Ioannis Thanos
... is an assistant professor in Strategic Management at the University of Glasgow and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His research interests are in the areas of Strategic Decision Processes and Mergers and Acquisitions. He has published ... More

Reps at Large 2018

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Strategy Process

The Interest Group focuses on the factors that govern the formation of strategies at the group, functional, business, corporate, and network levels of analysis. The area draws on diverse theories including intra-organizational evolution, bounded rationality, power/politics, organizational learning, socio-cognitive theory, organizational contingency theory, and others. Research streams encompass a broad range of phenomena, including strategic planning, strategic decision-making, strategy implementation, strategic change & renewal, consensus, politics and power in strategy-making, the role of organizational actors in strategy-making (e.g. CEO’s, top management teams, boards of directors, middle-level and operational managers), and the development of comprehensive models of strategy formation.

Emerging research streams include: the micro-practices of strategy making, the development of strategic initiatives, idea generation and creativity in strategy, the role of chance events, capability development and the role of emotions in strategy. A major role of the strategy process research area is to act as an integrative mechanism in the wider strategic management domain for the dynamics of strategic elements over time.

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