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... is an Associate Professor of Strategy at the University of Amsterdam. Her current research focuses on the management of stakeholders and human capital. In particular, she studies how firms can ... More

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Stakeholder Strategy

The Stakeholder Strategy Interest Group promotes scholarship that embraces a multi-stakeholder perspective of firm strategy, its antecedents, its boundaries, roles, and values, and its diverse forms of impact and performance. We welcome work from a variety of disciplines and national settings. If you are interested in this domain, regardless of your other interests, we welcome you to join with us as we attempt to answer questions such as the following:

  • How do competitive, corporate, growth and innovation strategy decisions influence the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement and sustainability oriented strategies and practices?
  • How do stakeholder engagement and sustainability oriented strategies and practices influence the effectiveness of competitive, corporate, growth and innovation strategies?
  • How can firms attempting to satisfy a plurality of stakeholder interests compete and/or cooperate effectively with like-minded firms as well as with traditional competitors?
  • Under what conditions might stakeholder-oriented firms outcompete traditional, shareholder oriented, ones?
  • What are the strategic alternatives to coordinate the expectations and perceptions of a plurality of stakeholders to enhance their benefit while simultaneously creating firm value? How should top management teams think about developing, selecting and implementing them?
  • What factors might explain the varying ability of management teams to fruitfully engage the firm’s stakeholders to everyone’s advantage and to change their firm’ strategies, operations and culture to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability?
  • How do individuals and teams learn how to integrate principles of responsibility and of social, environmental and economic sustainability in their firms’ operating and strategic processes?
  • How do individuals and their shared values, emotions and cognitions influence firms’ stakeholder orientation and engagement strategies, sustainability oriented change processes, and, ultimately, the firm’s economic, social and environmental performance?

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