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... is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science. She studies technology strategy and innovation management. In particular, she focuses on ... More

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Knowledge and Innovation

This Interest Group focuses on how managers can best leverage the knowledge base of their organizations in order to build competitive advantages for their firms. Some of the questions of interest to this group include: What is organizational knowledge? Where does it reside? How does organizational learning take place and how does it feed into knowledge? What is the link between learning and innovation? How is knowledge shared and transmitted within and among organizations? How can knowledge, learning, and innovation be managed better?

Interview with Professor Sidney Winter at the 2011 SMS Annual Conference (Miami)

SMS Knowledge & Innovation Foundation Session: Robert Grant about the Knowledge-Based View

Interview with Professor Linda Argote at the 2013 SMS Annual Conference (Atlanta)

SMS Knowledge & Innovation: An interview with Professor James G. March (Sept 2013)

Knowledge & Innovation Foundation Session: Interview with Mike Tushman at the 2014 SMS Annual Conference

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