Interest Group Guidelines

Article I: Purpose, Membership and Activities

1. General Purpose: The purpose of Interest Groups of the SMS is to recognize major, individual streams of practice and research interest, and to serve the needs of members with special interests in these major streams of work.

2. Membership: Members of the Society may join two IGs of their choice as part of their member benefits. Additional membership beyond two can be obtained through payment of additional nominal fees. Members will be invited each year to confirm or change their selection of two (or more) such IGs upon renewal of their annual membership.

3. Activities: The SMS Interest Groups (referred to as IGs) were instituted with the explicit intent to broaden the scope of the Society and to provide a home for groups of individuals within the strategic management field around a specific subset of topics. Each IG will participate in the planning for the SMS annual international conference. The primary contribution is through working closely with the annual international conference program chair(s), managing the review process for the competitive portion of the program, producing dedicated sessions to the first day of the conference program, and generating ideas and initiatives that strengthen the overall content of the event. In addition, the IG’s are encouraged to develop other activities that further the mission of the Society and serve their membership. Such activities may include initiatives for special events or conferences, new awards, and member newsletters.

4. Limitations: Interest Groups will exist at the discretion of the Society and have no status independent of the Society. IGs are not authorized or responsible for publications, except those that might be placed on the Society’s website(s), or for programs separate from the annual international SMS conference program without previous approval from the Society.

Article II: Responsibilities, Governance and Elections

1. Officers: The officers of each IG will consist of a Chairperson, a Program Chair and an Associate Program Chair. The Associate Program Chair is an elected position, and he or she after one year of service automatically becomes the Program Chair, and then progresses to the Chairperson of the IG.

2. Chairperson: The chairperson is responsible for the leadership and overall activity of the IG. The Chairperson coordinates the nomination aspects for the IG election process and see to the conduct of an annual meeting of the IG, normally at the annual international conference of the Society. The chairperson has the authority to appoint committees and to see to the purposes of the IG at all levels of its activity.

3. Program Chair: In addition to assisting the Chairperson, this position is usually responsible for planning those aspects of the IGs activity that pertain to the IG’s major stream of research. At the annual international conference this includes the competitive portion of the conference program for the track of the IG. In particular, this involves the coordination of the review process, recruitment and assignment of reviewers, selection of proposals, building of sessions from invited proposals, generating proposals for plenary sessions, etc.

4. Associate Program Chair: This position is responsible for assisting the Program Chair in conducting all of the duties associated with the Program Chair activity. In practice the holder of this position usually generates and coordinates conference sessions which bridge between research and practice. Emphasis is placed on bringing together both practitioners and academics with interests in the mission area of the IG.

5. Representatives-at-Large: Six representatives are elected by the IG membership. These representatives are chosen to reflect the diverse membership of the Society to insure that the international dimensions and diversity of backgrounds are maintained. Representatives are elected for a two-year term and their service will be staggered so that three representatives are elected each year.

6. Leadership Committee: The Leadership Committee of each IG is composed of the Chairperson, Program Chair, Associate Program Chair, and the six Representatives-at-Large. The Leadership Committee is responsible for determining internal IG policy and for interpreting and conducting the responsibilities of the IG according to its mission and within the policies established for the IGs by the Society. The Leadership Committee is expected to meet at least once per year, normally at the Society’s annual international conference site. A designated member of the SMS Board of Directors, will serve as a liaison between the IG’s and the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

7. Elections: Officers are elected by a process of nomination and voting procedures set by the Society. The nominating committee for each IG is composed of its officers and those Representatives-at-Large whose term is not expiring. The Chairperson of the IG serves as the chair of the nominating committee. Each year the nominating committee will nominate at least two individuals for each position up for election.

Article III: Budget

1. Budget: In order to assist each IG in developing its specific appeal and to provide resources for venturing into new activity during as well as beyond the Annual Conference, each IG has access to a modest budget. It is provided with the explicit goal of making the Society overall more attractive to a growing number of people within the strategic management field. The budgets provided are intended as seed money for additional desirable activity, as funds to be leveraged by interested and dedicated IG members, who attempt to seize an opportunity to expand the scale of the SMS through the activity. With discretion over these resources comes responsibility for its usage. The Society is under external scrutiny that applies to any funds it expends as having to be properly documented and as in line with our nonprofit status as educational organization.

2. Budget Process:

  • The Society makes $5 available for every member that joined the IG.
  • Each budget is derived from the membership numbers of Dec 31 of the preceding year.
  • The funds available through this budget are usually provided on a reimbursement basis. Reimbursement requests should be directed to the Executive Office and need the support of all three Officers of the IG.
  • It is advised that expenditures are discussed with the Executive Director before they are incurred.
  • Additional funds can be made available on a case-by-case basis upon request by the IG Chairperson. Proposals for such additional funds are invited.

Artivle IV: Modification of Domain Statement

1. Modification of Domain Statement: In the course of development in the field and in research, it is to be expected that from time to time the Domain Statement for each IG may need to be revised. To start a formal modification process an amended Domain Statement, which has been consensually developed by the officers of the IG, is forwarded to the Board’s liaison to the Interest Groups or the SMS Executive Office. As such change might impact other IGs, the Society will distribute the modified Domain Statement to the Chairs of the other IGs for their input and acknowledgment. In case any issues are raised, those will be discussed with the proponents. An agreement on a modified Mission Statement will need to be confirmed by the SMS Executive Committee. If no agreement can be found, the SMS Board of Directors will review the request and make a final determination.

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