Tentative Dates

JULY 1, 2018
Workshop Application Deadline
Notification of Application Decisions
December 16-17, 2018
First and Second Sessions of the Craft Reviewing Workshop
DECEMBER 15-18, 2018
SMS India Special Conference in Hyderabad

Workshop Registration

Workshop registration is included in your conference registration. You can register for this workshop in September on this page.

Craft of Reviewing Workshop

Sunday and Monday, December 16-17, 2018

Workshop Overview

The Craft of Reviewing Workshop aims to provide an impetus to build capacity in India to create a pool of competent reviewers which top tier journals can draw upon for high-quality reviews. The participants for this workshop will be drawn from those scholars who participate in the Junior Faculty Workshop of the 2018 SMS India Special Conference in Hyderabad. The workshop organizers are particularly keen to have scholars who have already published in well regarded journals as participants in this workshop.The workshop will focus on assessing manuscripts and providing developmental feedback on the following:

  1. Motivation and relevance of the study

  2. Theoretical contribution and audience

  3. Empirical and Methodological rigor

  4. Match between theory and empirics

In addition, the workshop will also address issues concerning reviewer etiquette and important elements in a review that handling/area editors expect in high quality reviews:

We plan to structure the workshop along the following guidelines:

  1. The first step involves the workshop participants reviewing a manuscript. Accordingly, the workshop organizers will send a manuscript for reviewing to the workshop participants during early November 2018. This is to provide the participants 2 weeks to send their reviews to the workshop organizers. The manuscript would be one which has been reviewed and is forthcoming in a leading journal.

  2. The second step involves providing feedback to the participants on their reviews on the manuscript which has been submitted. The third and final step involves taking the participants through the actual reviews associated with the manuscript, thereby providing them a ringside view of the review process and providing them useful inputs on the craft of reviewing.

We tentatively plan to have 2 sessions of 90 minutes each as a part of this reviewing workshop. The first 90-minute session will be a component integrated with the Junior Faculty Workshop on December 16, 2018. The subsequent session can be held on either December 17 or 18, 2018. 

Craft of Reviewing Workshop Directors

picture of Ruth Aguilera
Ruth Aguilera
Northeastern University
picture of Rejie George
Rejie George
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore