SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize

(formerly the Booz Allen Hamilton / SMS PhD Fellowship)

2014 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Agent Heterogeneity in Two-Sided Platforms: Superstar Impact on Crowdfunding”
Anil Doshi, Harvard University

“Performance of Different Types of Serial Acquisition Strategies”
Xena Welch Guerra, University of St. Gallen
Tomi Laamanen, University of St. Gallen

“Networks, Attention, and Good Ideas: Taking Advantage and Overcoming the Liability of Social Structure”
Seung-Hyun Rhee, Northwestern University
Paul Leonardi, Northwestern University

“Product-Service Transition and the Emergence of Value Creation Networks: Consequences for Business Model Design”
Birgit Daxboeck, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
Sven M. Laudien, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

“Contests, Sponsorship, and Internal Hiring: How Search Affects the Quality and Costs of Internal Matches”
Joseph Keller, University of Pennsylvania

2013 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Cognitive Microfoundations of a Dynamic Capability: What Leads to Business Model Innovation in New Firms?”
Yuliya Snihur, Toulouse Business School
Christoph Zott, IESE Business School

“Firm Response to Environmental Activism: The Contingent Nature of Secondary Stakeholder Salience”
Trey Sutton, Florida State University

“Strategic Management of Sustainability: The Struggle for Legitimacy”
Monika Lesner, Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Jan-Florian Schlapfner, Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Markus Reihlen, Leuphana University of Lüneburg

“The Competitive Advantage of Business Groups: Entrepreneurial or Rent Seeking? Evidence From North Africa”
Addis Gedefaw Birhanu, Bocconi University

“The Locus of Capabilities in Emerging Markets: Micro-Macro Resource Grafting by Leading Domestic Firms”
Aline Gatignon, INSEAD
Laurence Capron, INSEAD

2012 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Making Sense of Performance Heterogeneity Among Entrepreneurial Spinoffs: A Natural Experiment Involving a Complete Population”
Richard Hunt, University of Colorado-Boulder
Daniel Lerner, University of Colorado-Boulder

“The Paradox of Static and Dynamic Ambidexterity”
Johannes Luger, University of St. Gallen
Sebastian Raisch, University of Geneva

“Being Too Positive? The Effect of Positive Emotions on Stock Market Reaction”
Wei Guo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“Executive Learning in Corporate Development: Evidence from Corporate Acquisitions”
Philipp Meyer-Doyle, University of Pennsylvania

“Failure of Competitor Firms and the Mobility and Entrepreneurship of Employees of Healthy Organizations”
Seth Carnahan, University of Maryland

2011 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Do Non-competition Agreements Lead Firms to Pursue Path-breaking Inventions?”
Raffaele Conti, Lisbon-Catholic

“Competing Over Whom Your Customers Hire: The Other Talent War”
Seth Carnahan, University of Maryland
Deepak Somaya, University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign

“Do Ties Really Bind? The Effect of Technological & Relational Networks on Consensus Formation”
Ram Ranganathan, University of Pennsylvania

“The Institutional Environment and Gender Diversity on Boards of Directors”
Cory Angert, University of Houston
Seemantini Pathak, University of Houston

“Sell-offs and Firm Performance: A Matter of Experience?”
Johannes Luger, University of St. Gallen
Jan Mammen, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Matthias Brauer, University of St. Gallen

2010 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Organizing for Adaptation: Innovative Capabilities, Combinative Potential, Coordination Costs, and Boundary Choices”
Konstantinos Grigoriou – Georgia Institute of Technology
Frank T. Rothaermel – Georgia Institute of Technology

“Uncovering the Process of Executive Mobility”
Marko Coh – London Business School

“In Harsh –and Slack Times: How Does Firm Performance Affect the Intensity and the Direction of External Technology Sourcing”
Thomas Klueter – University of Pennsylvania
Felipe Monteiro – University of Pennsylvania

“On the Role of Causal Knowledge In Organizational Learning”
Natalia Vuori– Aalto University

“Technology Acquisition and Knowledge Integration”
Seungho Choi – Michigan State University
Gerry McNamara – Michigan State University

2009 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“An Integrated Perspective on Corporate Scope, Structural Complexity, and Corporate Divestment”
Joe Beck - University of California-Irvine
Margarethe Wiersema - University of California-Irvine

“Growth Rings: Patterns of Resource Bundle Emergence and Dynamics in New Ventures”
Renee Rottner - University of California-Irvine

“Immigrant Agglomeration, Firm Heterogeneity, and FDI Location Choice: Evidence From the United States”
Exequiel Hernandez - University of Minnesota

“Institutions, Entrepreneurship and the Adoption of Voluntary Standards: Evidence from the Green Building Industry”
Jeffrey York - University of Virginia
Michael Lenox - University of Virginia

“The Influence of Technological Interdependence on Employee Entrepreneurship and Mobility: Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry”
Martin Ganco - University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

2008 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Does Licensing Foster Rapid Innovation?”
Maria Isabella Leone, Luiss Guido Carli University
Toke Reichstein, Copenhagen Business School

“Executive Compensation, Financial Slack, and Strategic Risk-Taking: A Behavioral Agency Perspective”
Elizabeth Lim, University of Connecticut

“The Affects Of Practices Of Governance and Leadership On Capabilities and Performance Of Alliances”
Jochen Schweitzer, University of Technology, Sydney
Siggi Gudergan, University of Technology, Sydney

“The Dynamic Diffusion Process of Downsizing in Korea 1997-2006”
Sookyoung Lee, Korea University
Hicheon Kim, Korea University

“Tie versus Tie: When do Corporate Development Activities Strengthen or Disrupt Buyer-Supplier Ties?”
Youtha Cuypers, Tilburg University
Xavier Martin, Tilburg University

2007 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“The Learning Paradox: An Observation Of Knowledge Sharing At IKEA Japan”
Anna Jonsson, Lund University

“Learning From Mergers And Acquisitions: The Roles Of Acquirer And Target Experience”
Ilya Cuypers, Tilburg University

“Process And Outcome Measures Of Environmental Performance”
Dror Etzion, IESE Business School-University of Navarra

“Social Movements, Regulatory Politics, And Technology Evolution”
Kerem Gurses, IESE Business School-University of Navarra

“Delegation Across borders: The Case Of Multinational Hierarchies”
Yue Maggie Zhou, University of Michigan

2006 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Understanding The Emergence Of Organizational Communities: Nanotechnology In The United States”
Jennifer Woolley, University of California-Irvine

“The Burden Of Reach: Exploring Trends And Implications Of Multi-Site Firm Geography”
Linda M Cohen, University of Pennsylvania

“The Competitive Effect Of Going Private: Evidence From Competitors' Stock Price Reactions To Transaction Announcements”
Yu Zhang, INSEAD

“Replication: On Knowledge Transfer In Chain Organizations”
Marie Bengtsson, Linköping University

“Performance Effects Of Resource Interdependence: A Study Of Firms' Products And Process Innovations”
PuayKhoon Toh, University of Michigan


“When Do Independent Directors Create Corporate Value?”
Luis Diestre, University of Southern California

“Ownership Form And Acquisition Strategy: Do Family-Firms Make Better Acquisitions?”
Manisha Singal, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

“Routine Compatibility, Tacit Knowledge, And M&A Implementation Success”
David L Souder, University of Minnesota

“What Makes And What Does Not Make A Real Option? Studying Joint Venture Equity Shares”
Ilya RP Cuypers, Tilburg University
“The Cultural Roots Of Corporate Responsibility”
Dimo Ringov, INSEAD

2005 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize

Fellowship Winners:

“Trait-Based Imitation Among Entrepreneurial Market Entrants”
Richard J Gentry, University of Florida

“Strategic Lucidity Or Mixed Signals? An Empirical Study Of Competitive Maneuvering And Stock Return Risk”
Margaret Vardell Hughes, University of Kentucky

“Diversification, Dividends, And Firm Value”
Tyson Mackey, Ohio State University

“Explaining Firm Performance: The Symbolic Management Of Quarterly Earnings Announcements”
Jo-Ellen Pozner, Northwestern University

“Organizational Memory: Conceptual Framework And Empirical Operation At Individual And Group-Level”
Kim-Chi Trinh, Duke University


“Try Before They Buy: Corporate Venture Capital And The Acquisition Of Technology Start-Ups”
David F Benson, University of Michigan

“Buyer-Supplier Relationships And The Horizontal Scope Of The Firm”
Olivier Chatain, INSEAD

“The Effects Of Direct And Indirect Foreign Venture Capital Ties On Exit Market Selection And Exit Modes”
Mikko Jääskeläinen, Helsinki University of Technology

“Leveraging Existing Technology: The Role Of Alliances In Cross-Application Across Technology Domains In Entrepreneurial Firms”
Preeta Roy, University of Pennsylvania

“The Impact Of National Cultural Differences On The Outcome Of Post-Acquisition Integration”
Riikka Sarala, Swedish School of Economics & Business Administration

2004 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize


“Post Acquisition Integration: A Social Network Investigation of Behavioral Change”
Joan T Allatta, University of Pennsylvania

“Turnaround Strategies in Southeast Asia”
Alexander D Falkenberg, University of St Gallen

“Contextual Determinants of Firm-level Strategic Resource Reallocation”
Thomas P Moliterno, University of California-Irvine
“A Temporal Perspective on Learning Alliance Formation”
Ming Piao, Northwestern University

“Do Financial Markets Price Firm R&D Strategies”
Hart E Posen, University of Pennsylvania


“Extending the Evolutionary View of the MNE: The Case of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Diffusion in Multinational Enterprises”
Vernon Bachor, University of Calgary

“A Resource-based Approach to Performance and Competition: An Overview of the Connections between Resources and Competition”
Flore Bridoux, Catholic University-Louvain

“Reconceptualizing Hypercompetition: Unraveling the Puzzle”
Dev K Dutta, University of Western Ontario

“Mergers and Acquisitions as a Response to Intra-industry Dependence”
Henri A Schildt, Helsinki University of Technolgy

“The Agency Problem during Bankruptcy: When do Directors Protect Shareholders’ Interests over Creditors’ Interests?”
Robert E White, Arizona State University

2003 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize

Fellowship Winners:

“Bearing Strategy in the Back of Your Head: Managerial Action Stemming from Strategy Formation”
Juan Ignacio Canales, IESE Business School-University of Navarra

“Shaping the Competitive Landscape: Preemptive Actions on Resources”
Olivier Chatain, INSEAD

“Incentives to Cheat: Executive Compensation and Corporate Malfeasance”
Jared Harris, University of Minnesota

“Can the Survivor Principle Survive Diversification?”
Lasse Lien, Norwegian School of Economics & Business Administration

“Network Positions and Innovation Opportunities: A Longitudinal Study of Pharmaceutical Firms”
Beiqing (Emery) Yao, University of Pittsburgh


“Organizational Innovation: The Role of Top Management Strategic Orientation and Environmental Uncertainty in Innovation Adoption”
Carolyn Davis, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Investing in New Ventures as A Strategy to Generate Innovations”
Gary Dushnitsky, New York University

“Make, Buy, or be Given: The Performance Implications of Consignment Inventory in the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry”
Richard Gentry, University of Florida

“Templates and the Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer: An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of the Templates and the Mechanisms of Template Operation”
Robert Jensen, University of Pennsylvania

“Functional Diversity versus Requisite Variety in Top Management Teams”
Timothy Vogus, University of Michigan

2002 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize

Fellowship Winners:

“Can Firms Internalize Growth Opportunities through Mergers and Acquisitions?”
Asli Musaoglu Arikan, Ohio State University

“Organizing for Global Attention”
Cyril Bouquet, University of Western Ontario

“Information Technology and Firm Performance: Resources, Capabilities, and the Moderating Effectof Process Choice”
Michael Fern, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

“Decision-making under Uncertainty: A Study of Investment Decisions in the VC Industry”
Isin Guler, University of Pennsylvania

“How the Rich become Richer in the Venture Capital: Firm Performance and Position in Syndication Networks”
Tuukka Seppo, Helsinki University of Technology


“Strategic Groups vs. Strategic Blocks as an Explanation for Patterns of Rivalry in the International Airline Industry”
Jennifer Davies, Queensland University of Technology

“Acquiring Financial Resources from Foreign Equity Capital Markets: Examination of the Factors Influencing Foreign Initial Public Offerings”
Jani Hursti, Helsinki University of Technology

“Organizational Imprinting and the Search for Knowledge to Undertake Resource Change: A Study of Firms in Transitional Economies”
Aldas Kriauciunas, University of Michigan

“Innovation without Boundaries: Creating Alliances and Enabling Entrepreneurship in Unfamiliar Business Environments”
Ted London, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

“Accessing the Knowledge Landscape across Firms in Alliance Networks and its Impact on Organizational Performance”
Beiqing (Emery) Yao, University of Pittsburgh

2001 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize

Fellowship Winners:

“An Empirical Study of Alliance Value Creation in e-Businesses”
Sendil Ethiraj, University of Pennsylvania

“Achieving Competitive Advantage by Leveraging Star Knowledge Workers: Performance Drivers of Ranked Analysts”
Boris Groysberg, Harvard University

“From Disparity to Synthesis: How do Inter-sectoral Alliances between Corporations and Environmental Non-profit Organizations Work?”
Ted London, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

“Divisionalization: Strategic Effects of Organzational Structure”
Metin Sengul, INSEAD
Firm Risk Management Policies: Financial Hedging and Corporate Diversification”
Heli Wang, Ohio State University


“Choosing the Right Alliance Portfolio: Knowledge Transfer and Network Profile”
Jonghoon Bae, INSEAD

“Controversial Innovations, Social Barriers to Imitation, and Competitive Advantage: Profiting from Innovations in the Service Industry”
Stefan Jonsson, Stockholm School of Economics

“Sub-additivity and Super-additivity in Strategic Investments: A Real Options Model”
Roberto Santiago Vassolo, Purdue University

“Investor Certification of Venture Capital Investments: Does Top-end Backing Lead to Improved Value Creation?”
Tuukka Seppo, Helsinki University of Technology

“Managing Interdependence: An Agent-based Model of Adaptation in Centralized and Decentralized Systems”
Charles Williams, University of Michigan

2000 SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize

Fellowship Winners:

“Attracting Stars to New Galaxies: Performance Consequences of Investment Banks' Hiring of Ranked Analyst”
Boris Groysberg, Harvard University

“Understanding Open Source Software: A New, Nonprofit Competitive Threat”
Jennifer Kuan, University of California-Berkeley

“Corporate Venture Capital and the Creation of US Public Companies: The Impact of Sources of Venture Capital on the Performance of Portfolio Companies”
Markku Maula, Helsinki University of Technology

“Apples, Oranges, and the Diversification Discount”
Belén Villalonga, University of California-Los Angeles

“Evolutionary Diversification Patterns of US Banks and Their Differential Effect on Performance from 1982-1999”
Carmen Weigelt, Duke University


“You Are Known by the Directors You Keep: Reputable Directors as a Signaling Mechanism”
Yuval Deutsch, University of British Columbia

“Shifting Gears between Strategy and Strategizing: An Empirical Study of Strategy Creators and Strategy Sensemakers”
Anne Marie Hess Hansen, Copenhagen Business School

“Corporate Entrepreneurship in MNC Subsidiary: What Fosters Subsidiary Manager's Entrepreneurship?”
Jin Hwan Hong, Boston University

“From Customer Orientation to Customer Integration: Using Information Technology to Integrate Customers into the Firm's Knowledge Creation Process”
Emmanuela Prandelli, Bocconi University

“Top Management Skills in a Context of Radical Organizational Change: An Exploratory Study”
Alain Vas, Catholic University-Louvain

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