SMS is Seeking Candidates for SMS Treasurer

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Submissions for the Position

As a member of SMS, we encourage you to review the description for this volunteer position within SMS Leadership and share any recommendations you have for the role. If you are interested in the position, we request that you share a current CV and a letter of interest that provides detail on how your experience aligns with the responsibilities and qualifications in the job description.Submit your application or recommendation by September 21.

The Strategic Management Society is seeking applications and recommendations for the volunteer position of SMS Board Treasurer. The Board Treasurer is an executive and voting member of the SMS Board of Directors and is appointed in a manner consistent with the bylaws. This individual will be appointed for a three-year term and will be responsible for offering guidance to the SMS Executive Office to ensure good fiscal planning, decision-making, and oversight at a governance level.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Advise on the development of high-level financial policies and their review by the Board.
  • Review the appropriate monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and banking reconciliations to monitor the financial health of the organization and expenditures.
  • Ensure that the Board is regularly apprised of and monitors the organization’s financial performance; review SMS investment reports and advise the Board on investment policies.
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and its presentation to the Board for review; ensure that government tax filings and remittances are submitted on a timely basis.
  • Review the external audit to identify any record keeping problems or deficiencies and work with the Executive Director to address them.
  • Assist the Executive Director and Board chair with the development and presentation of the annual report; present or co-present the organization’s financial report at the annual meeting.
  • Help, along with the Executive Director, keep the Board informed of important financial events, trends, and issues relevant to the organization.


  • Commitment to the organization’s mission and strategy.
  • Membership in the SMS is required; holding previous leadership positions in the SMS is preferred.
  • An understanding of, and experience with, good financial management and reporting practices.
  • An appreciation of the kind and level of financial information needed at a Board level to support decision making.
  • An ability to commit the time required to fulfill the responsibilities described.

Outgoing Treasurer

Tomi Laamanen
University of St. Gallen

We appreciate the dedication that Tomi Laamanen, the current SMS Board Treasurer, has brought to the role for the past five years. His commitment to SMS has helped us to maintain a strong financial position for the Society. As his term comes to an end in June 2022, we hope to find another enthusiastic member of SMS to take on these responsibilities.