SMS Executive Director Position

Dear SMS Members,

Over the past year, the personal and family situation of our Executive Director, Eileen McCarthy, has changed, just as so many other lives have changed due to this pandemic. Due to increased family obligations, Eileen has made the decision to move closer to her family on the East Coast, and step down from her role as SMS’s Executive Director at the end of March.

The Executive Committee cherish the energy and professionalism that Eileen has brought to her role, working closely with the Board and the SMS office staff, but we also understand and empathize with her family situation.

We want to reassure our membership that the SMS Executive Committee and the Board, including Eileen, are committed to ensuring a rapid and effective transition. Despite the pandemic situation, the morale and organizational capability in the SMS office is high. The SMS Board gained valuable experience from the previous search that is still within our organizational memory. Eileen has committed to fully support the Board in the search for her successor. We expect to be able to move much faster than in the previous search, to ensure a proper transition and organizational continuity.

We understand that any transition of leadership at this level involves some degree of stress for any organization. But we want to reassure you that with the help of the excellent SMS office staff, the Board, and our committed volunteer members, we are confident that we will be able to maintain the operational continuity and strategic momentum of the Society.

With best wishes,

Javier Gimeno
SMS, President

Eileen McCarthy
SMS, Executive Director