2016 Board of Directors

picture of Marjorie Lyles Marjorie Lyles President
Term 2015-2016
Indiana University

picture of Russell Coff Russell Coff President - Elect
Term 2015-2016
University of Wisconsin-Madison

picture of Robert Hoskisson Robert Hoskisson Past President
Term 2015-2016
Rice University

picture of Tomi Laamanen Tomi Laamanen Treasurer University of St. Gallen

picture of Nikolaus Pelka Nikolaus Pelka Executive Director Strategic Management Society

picture of Africa Ariño Africa Ariño Term 2014-2016 IESE Business School

picture of Nicolai Foss Nicolai Foss Term 2014-2016 Bocconi University

picture of Gabriel Szulanski Gabriel Szulanski Term 2014-2016 INSEAD

picture of Pamela Barr Pamela Barr Term 2015-2017 Georgia State University

picture of J Myles Shaver J Myles Shaver Term 2015-2017 University of Minnesota

picture of Yan Anthea Zhang Yan Anthea Zhang Term 2015-2017 Rice University

picture of Ruth Aguilera Ruth Aguilera Term 2016-2018 Northeastern University

picture of Costas Markides Costas Markides Term 2016-2018 London Business School

picture of Jeffrey Reuer Jeffrey Reuer Term 2016-2018 University of Colorado, Boulder

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