Xavier Castaner
University of Lausanne

Xavier Castañer (PhD, Minnesota) is a Professor of Strategy at the University of Lausanne and taught at ESADE, HEC (Paris), HEC (Geneva) and LBS. He has published on corporate governance, strategy, and development (on internal ventures, alliances and M&A) and innovation in ASQ, CGIR, JoM, JMS and SMJ, among other journals. He is also doing research on cultural and cross-sectoral alliances’ dynamics. Xavier has been very active in SMS: he has organized preconference workshops, presented in and chaired multiple sessions, been a review committee member for the PhD awards several times for several conferences and the SFR grants, participated as a faculty in the Doctoral Workshop, served as Representative at Large of the former Corporate Governance and Strategy, the Strategy Process and the Cooperative Strategies IGs, as well as the 3-year cycle as officer of the Strategy Process IG. He serves in the Editorial Board of the SMJ, among other outlets. Currently he is VP for external affairs of the European Academy of Management.