Giada Di Stefano
Bocconi University

Giada Di Stefano is an Associate Professor of Strategy at Bocconi. Her general research interests are in the area of innovation, knowledge, and organizational learning. More specifically, she studies the creation and transfer of knowledge, with particular emphasis on the underlying behavioral mechanisms. Empirically, she has been adopting different methods, with a preference for field experiments conducted in real organizational settings. Her work has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Perspectives, Advances in Strategic Management, Industrial and Corporate Change, Research Policy, and Strategic Management Journal. In 2011, she was awarded the Best Dissertation Award of the AoM TIM Division. In 2015, she was runner-up for the Emerging Scholar Award of that same division. She currently serves as the Associate Program Chair for the SMS Competitive Strategy Interest Group, as well as for the SRF Dissertation Grant Program. She previously served as a Rep-at-Large for the SMS Behavioral Strategy IG, as well as the AoM STR and TIM Divisions. Prior to joining Bocconi, Giada was a faculty member at HEC Paris, where she is still affiliated to the SnO Research Center. Prior to joining academia, she worked as a product manager for L’Oréal Paris.