Jan Rivkin
Harvard University

Jan Rivkin is the C. Roland Christensen Professor of Business Administration and chair of the MBA Program at Harvard Business School. His research, course development, and teaching efforts examine the interactions across functional and product boundaries within a firm—that is, the connections that link marketing, production, logistics, finance, human resource management, and other parts of a firm. His work analyzes, first, how such interactions constrain managerial behavior and, second, how managers use cognitive devices and organizational design to cope with decisions whose ramifications span boundaries. Rivkin also co-chairs HBS's project on the competitiveness of the United States. In that role, he has worked with a faculty team to explore steps that leaders--especially business leaders--can take to improve the ability of firms in the U.S. to win in the global marketplace and support American living standards. His work in this domain focuses on how business leaders can best work with policymakers, nonprofit leaders, educators, and others to bring shared prosperity to America’s cities. Rivkin received his PhD in business economics from Harvard. Earlier, he studied chemical engineering and public policy at Princeton and obtained an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics on a Marshall Scholarship.