Donald Bergh
University of Denver

Donald Bergh is the Louis D. Beaumont Chair of Business Administration and Professor of Management at the University of Denver and a visitor at University College Dublin. He previously held positions at Penn State, Cornell, and Purdue. His research on corporate strategy, research methods, and ethics has appeared in the AMJ, SMJ, OS, JoM, JMS, SO, ORM, and AMLE. In addition, he served as co-editor of the series, Research Methodology in Strategy and Management (Emerald) for volumes 1-8. He has served the strategic management field as an Associate Editor (AMJ, ORM, JMS), as a member of editorial review boards (AMJ, SMJ, OS, AMR, JMS, and ORM), as the inaugural Chair of the Scientific Integrity and Rigor Task of JoM, and the SMS in the leadership tracks of the Corporate Strategy and Governance Interest Group, Corporate Strategy Interest Group, the Research Methods Community, and as Program Co-Chair of the 35th Annual Conference in Denver, 2015.