Florenta Teodoridis
University of Southern California

Florenta Teodoridis is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California (USC). Her main areas of interest are the economics of technology, innovation, and creativity, and the impact of technology on society. Her research agenda is composed of two research streams: factors influencing the process of knowledge production and the relationship between knowledge advancement and markets. Through her first research stream, she examines various factors influencing the rate and direction of technological advancements, such as research tools, breadth and depth of expertise, collaboration and ideology. As part of her second stream, she is interested in the impact of technological advancement on business strategy, productivity and labor markets. Her research is evaluating factors that influence the development and adoption of artificial intelligence technologies and the subsequent impact of such events on labor market and employment and the emerging developments of quantum computing, a technology that promises to complement artificial intelligence and to accelerate economic development.