Richard Makadok
Purdue University

Richard Makadok is Associate Professor of Organizaiton and Management at Emory University's Goizueta Business School. Using his “Four Theories of Profit” framework, he currently focuses on developing a comprehensive overall understanding of the four main mechanisms that determine profitability (competitive advantage, rivalry restraint, information asymmetry, and commitment timing), including their boundary conditions and how these mechanisms impact each other’s effectiveness. Richard Makadok also developed a theory of hybrid governance forms, and his empirical work has focused on developing indirect measures for the elusive concept of organizational capability and using these measures to predict performance and strategic decisions. His research has been published in Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, and Management Science, and has won two Glueck Best Paper Awards from the Academy of Management BPS division and a Best Paper Award from AMR. Richard Makadok is founder of the Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference (ACAC), and earned his Ph.D. from Wharton.