Anne Marie Knott
Washington University in St. Louis

Anne Marie Knott is a Professor of Strategy at Washington University. She began professional life in defense electronics at Hughes Aircraft, but became an academic when it seemed government policies and firm responses were undermining advance of the knowledge frontier. Her primary research interest is innovation. It takes two forms: large scale R&D and entrepreneurship. The R&D component culminates in work on firms' research quotient (RQ). She hopes diffusion of the RQ measure can do for R&D what hospital report cards are doing for morbidity, and what Sabremetrics is doing for baseball. The entrepreneurship work is serendipitous. It began by exploiting franchising to understand fundamental questions in strategy. That led to the job in Wharton's entrepreneurship group, the textbook, Venture Design, and a series of papers on market churn. A guest lecture in her entrepreneurship class led to a third interest: induced discrimination.