Martin Ganco
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Martin Ganco is the Robert Pricer Chair in Enterprise Development. He is also the Academic Director of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship and an Associate Professor in the Management and Human Resources department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a principal in the Initiative for Studies in Transformational Entrepreneurship (INSITE Cluster Initiative). Martin’s research interests include entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, business strategy and complexity theory. Martin’s current line of research focuses on how organizational and knowledge contexts shape entrepreneurship and innovation. By focusing on the context as a driver of entrepreneurship, his work extends and complements the dominant theories of entrepreneurship and highlights that entrepreneurial tendencies and capabilities can be actively managed. Martin examines these questions in a number of settings including the semiconductor industry, legal services industry and by studying career histories of scientists and engineers. He earned his PhD in Business Administration from the University of Illinois.