Olga Bruyaka
West Virginia University

Olga Bruyaka, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Management at West Virginia University. She received her PhD from EM Lyon Business School (France). Olga Bruyaka’s primary interest is in the area of inter-organizational relations and is anchored in the resource-based view and signaling theory. Olga Bruyaka’s research develops a portfolio perspective, which advances our knowledge of complexities and interdependencies that exist within various types of firms’ portfolios including alliance, patent, R&D sourcing, new product, and corporate portfolios. In particular, Bruyaka studies how alliance portfolios and R&D strategy of high-tech firms shape their resource-based advantage, differential role of alliance portfolio diversity as a predictor of small firms’ shut down versus sell-off, the role of alliance portfolio diversity as a flow signal and its direct and meditating effects on firms’ market value, the effects of firms’ signaling through patents and publications on the formation and composition of alliance portfolios, inter-partner dynamics in light of an adverse event. Olga Bruyaka has publications in highly regarded academic journals including the Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Organization, Management International Review, and Journal of Business Ethics among others.