Charles Baden-Fuller
City, University of London

Charles Baden-Fuller is known for his strategy research and assistance to companies. He has established a reputation on the rejuvenation of mature firms through his work with CEO's, his academic articles and his (co-authored) Harvard Business Press "Rejuvenating the Mature Business". He currently works on issues of knowledge management and entrepreneurship in high technology firms, including the practical use of real options and alliance structures. Professor Baden-Fuller holds degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Oxford, Cornell, and London Business School of Economics. He has worked at Chase Manhattan in New York, the London Business School and the University of Bath. He has combined this with visiting positions at the Universities of Bologna and Katholieke (Belgium), Erasmus Rotterdam, Duke, Berkeley, and Wharton in the US. Charles Baden-Fuller is also the Editor-in-chief of Long Range Planning, a leading international strategy, since 1999.