Violetta Splitter
University of Zurich

Violetta Splitter is Assistant Professor at the University of Zurich and a long-time member of the Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) community. In her research she focuses on open strategy and digital strategizing. Since the beginning of her PhD, Violetta has been actively involved in the development of the SAP community and has served in many different leadership positions. She has been the Membership Chair of the SAP Interest Group at the Academy of Management, the initiator of the SAP Community Day at EGOS and the coordinator of the SAP International Network. For many years, she supported the Strategy Practice IG. As an early career scholar who is in close contact with different SAP groups around the world, Violetta is sensitive to the different concerns and needs of the members of the SAP community, especially of early career scholars. She is particularly dedicated to provide support as Rep-at-Large for the Strategy Practice IG.