David Audretsch
Indiana University

David Audretsch is a Distinguished Professor and Ameritech Chair of Economic Development at Indiana University, where he also serves as Director of the Institute for Development Strategies. He is also Honorary Professor of Industrial Economics and Entrepreneurship at the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany and a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London. Audretsch's research has focused on the links between entrepreneurship, government policy, innovation, economic development and global competitiveness. David has recently published a book entitled Everything in Its Place: Entrepreneurship and the Strategic Management of Cities, Regions, and States (Oxford University Press, 2015). He is Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal. He was awarded the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research by the Swedish Foundation for Small Business Research and he has received honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Augsburg, Germany, and from Jonköping University, Sweden.