Yuliya Snihur
Toulouse Business School

Yuliya Snihur is an Associate Professor of Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Toulouse Business School. She defended her dissertation at IESE Business School on the topic of antecedents and consequences of business model innovation, which was granted the 2014 Heizer dissertation award by the AOM ENT Division. Her research interests cover business models, innovation, and cognition in both new and established firms. She is interested in developing theories of organizational identity and organizational imprinting, and explores linguistic approaches, such as framing and sensegiving, used in innovation processes. Yuliya has published in such journals as Journal of Management Studies, Long Range Planning, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Entrepreneurship & Regional Development. She co-edited a Special Issue on business models and sustainability at the Journal of Cleaner Production, and serves on the Editorial Board of Long Range Planning.