Valentina Della Corte
University of Naples Federico II

Valentina Della Corte is an Associate Professor of Business Management at the University of Naples Federico II. She teaches Strategic Management and Marketing, Tourism Business Management, Revenue Management and Heritage Management and is the author of numerous articles in specialised journals, both national (Economia e Diritto del Terziario, Sinergie) and International (Tourism Management, European Journal of Innovation Management). She also serves as a reviewer of several journals and conferences. She is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Governance and Regulation, International Journal of Marketing Studies and Open Journal of Business and Management. She cooperates actively within academic activities of Bachelor and Master degrees in Strategic Management, Tourism Management, and to PhD programs in Italy and Europe, also promoting international exchanges and relations with the entrepreneurial world. Her research is focused on the evolution of resource-based theory, strategic networks, strategic human resource management and marketing literature with related applications in the tourism industry and cultural heritage industry.