Luciano C. Oviedo
Warwick Business School (UK)

Luciano C. Oviedo operates at the intersection of product, strategy, analytics, engineering and R&D. Oviedo most recently performed corporate & business strategy at Intel Corporation where he collaborated with leaders across diverse cultures and geographies to formulate and implement strategies for emerging markets and technologies such as (2D/3D) body processing, computational imaging, video analytics, cognitive computing and augmented/virtual reality. He is currently a founder/researcher at Tempugo and Warwick CG (WCG) and performs technology strategy research at a spectrum of organizations such as the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and IEEE Standards Association. He also contributes to the Strategic Management Society as a director for open strategy workshops held in Madrid, San Francisco, Denver, Stockholm, Rep-at-Large for the Strategy Practice Interest Group as well as the Santa Fe Institute, as a business network fellow on strategy as complex systems. Oviedo is interested in the future of strategy making, its evolution and drivers, how people practice and learn it, and the impact and implications of these dynamics to high technology organizations and society. He earned a bachelors and masters in engineering and technology from Wisconsin, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in strategy at Warwick (UK).