Workshops are held on Saturday, October 19, 2024; the first day of the SMS Annual Conference. Workshops are included in the registration for the Annual Conference, therefore participants in workshops must be registered for the Annual Conference.

While workshops are open to all conference attendees, please note that some workshops have a competitive application process. Review the details for each workshop below for whether an application is required and the deadline for applications.

Most workshops are presented by the SMS Interest Groups and Communities (IG&Cs).  NEW THIS THIS YEAR: SMJ will host a Dissertation Paper Development Workshop featuring the SMJ Editorial Team!

Workshops are scheduled for three-hour morning or afternoon sessions. Conference attendees are welcome to attend workshops both in the morning and afternoon timeslots. For workshops that require applications, we ask that you do not apply for more than two workshops per timeslot.

Lunch and coffee breaks are provided for all workshop participants.

To learn about the Annual Doctoral Workshop, click here.